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CAN modules

We have a range of standard CAN modules for use in vehicle applications.

The hardware and software is designed in a modular way. This provides the maximum flexibility for the vehicle system design and customised units can therefore be put together to customer requirements.

The I/O is user defineable on each module and the functionality can be programmed at system level.

LIN - Most modules are capable of supporting LIN master or slave.

We also produce a range of non-CAN multiplex nodes. Our series 5000 modules are a proprietary protocol using a Master and up to 4 Slaves in the standard configuration.
This give up to 80 I/O and is user configureable. This is a very cheap but proven alternative to LIN for body electrical systems.




Voltage converter

24V to 12V voltage converter for in vehicle system use.


  Input voltage :-    18V to 40V
Output voltage :-  12V +-0.5V
Output current :-  0A to 2.5A
Quiescent supply voltage :- 40uA (0.04mA)

Fully protected against Automotive transients:- Reverse battery, Load dump transient, etc.